(aka Lukas Musil) is a native of the Czech Republic who currently lives and creates  in Budapest, Hungary. 

A former professional hockey player, a holder of a Bronze medal from the Junior World Championship  and a member of the Czech national team, he decided to leave the world of professional hockey for lack of creative outlet at 22.   Musa's artistic life started during his first tattoo session at the famous Tribo studio where he fell in love with the medium. 


After honing his skills on oranges and his own body, Musa began practicing his art on others.  Soon he developed his own very distinctive abstract tattoo style which became very popular and widely imitated.

Musa´s tattoos were included in the prestigious exhibition Tatouers et tatoués at Parisian Muséedu Quai Branly in 2015.  At the height of his fame and  as a widely acclaimed and sought-after tattoo artist,  Musa,  decided to quit his tattoo career and proceeded to focus solely on painting and drawing. 

Already his first solo exhibition in 2015 at Ales South Bohemian Gallery drew the
attention and acclaim of the art world of this self-taught artist.  The following year Musa repeated his success, this time with a site specific conceptual exhibition named Musa vs Jagr at the Gallery Pro arte in Prague. 

The same year he moved to Budapest and began to create an imaginative world of
abstract animals. He concluded this period with a major exhibition called
Signature at the legendary Manes Gallery in Prague in 2017.  Along with the
exhibition he published two books The Alphabet Book and The Bestiary.

In December 2017 a representational animal triptych from his Bestiary series was presented to the American audience during Miami Art Week, Miami 2017.




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