Martin Kiman

Born: 1985, Košice, Slovakia

2014 – 2015
Studio + - XXI / studied under Prof. Daniel Fischer,
Academy of Fine Arts and Design (VSVU), Bratislava, Slovakia

2013 - 2014
Studio of Space communication APK+; studied under Prof. Doc. Mgr. Anton Čierny
Academy of Fine Arts and Design (VSVU) Bratislava, Slovakia

2007 - 2011
Contemporary Painting Studio; studied under doc. Adam Szentpétery, academic painter, Department of Fine Arts and Intermedia, Technical University (KVUaI), Košice, Slovakia


Martin Kiman on his work and inspiration.

Nature: Visual character of my paintings is often derived from my fascination with the appearance of natural forms as a juxtaposition to man-made materials. The amorphous characteristics of organic matter is in constant contrast with strictly methodical and geometric appearance of human creations. As I am living in a world that is a symbiosis of the two, my work is inspired by the visual attributes of both.

Words: A captivating word, a phrase or a sentence may serve as my reference point and may jump start my creative process. In the end, this notion, usually non-visual in its nature, often becomes the name of the painting itself. My aim is to translate it to a picture.

Numbers: I find it effortless to see each number or a letter of the alphabet in its own vivid color representation.

Human figures: Although human figures are scarcely evident in my paintings I strive to create a certain sense of life and anticipation of its presence.




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