Jan Vasilko artist photo.jpg

Jan Vasilko

(born 1979 Humenné, Slovakia) is a graduate of the Department of Visual Arts and Intermedia, Faculty of Arts of the Technical University in Kosice- Atelier of doc. A. Szentpétery and prof. R. Sikora (1999-2005).  He has also studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague with prof. V. Skrepl and Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava under prof. D. Fisher.

Jan Vasilko is a recipient of numerous awards and prizes, including

2012/  2.Place, Prize VÚB Maľba- Top Contemporary Painting, Bratislava, Slovakia

2010/  Finalist, NG 333 & ČEZ Group Prize, National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2009/  Winner, Strabag International Art Award, Vienna, Austria

2008/  2.Place, Prize VÚB Maľba- Slovak Contemporary Painting, Bratislava, Slovakia

2005/ Winner, Oskar Čepan Prize for Top Young Artist of Slovakia under 35, GMB, Bratislava, Slovakia


Throughout his career the artist has held a number of residences, including

2016    Gmund, Karnten, Austria

2010    Strabag Artstudios, Vienna, Austria

2010    Studio C3 – FKSE, Budapest, Hungary

2005    ISCP Studios, New York, USA


Jan lives and works in Kosice, Slovakia.