CNN: Mária Švarbová finds beauty and serenity in socialist-era swimming pools

To enjoy Maria’s new images from her eponymous Swimming pool series, check out Allyssia Alleyne article under the same title recently featured on All these gorgeous images by a 2018 Hasselblatt Art category winner and more are available through our gallery. Contact us for more information at or directly at +

Maria Svarbova, Swimming Pool series photos

Martin Stranka Wins 2018 Sony World Photo Award

THINK+feel Contemporary team is excited to announce that our photographer Martin Stranka is a recipient of 2018 Sony World International Photography Award - one of the world's most prestigious professional photography competitions. 

His photograph Until You Wake Up made him this year's winner in the Open Enhanced and Czech Republic National Award category. 

Martin's work has received a wide international media coverage, including The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Sun to name just a few.  

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