THINK+feel Contemporary @ the Inaugural Art Boca Raton 2016

At the inaugural Art Boca Raton 2016, THINK+feel Contemporary is excited to present a contemplative space for its gallery visitors.  The concept was a brainchild of our director and chief curator whose goal was to offer show attendees coming through the gallery an opportunity to meditate on essence of spirituality.

The interior walls of the gallery offer three different ways to achieve that result; First, though meditating on the essence of nature by viewing a sample of organic (eco) art - a widely admired work by Matus Lany Fragmentation (Summer), a 4-panel set of leaves applied to canvas, organized as a DNA code sequencing.  On the opposite wall, the same subject matter of spirituality is explored and presented in an altar-like "traditional historical worship" arrangement of three oils by the artist - the Shoe II (aka Soccer Cleat) and Monstrances I, II

The final piece of this meditative complex is a striking pair abstract expressionist works entitled Tugi and Hagi by Martin Moflar- works that offer an opportunity to meditate on color and serenity so perfectly conveyed by the painter's impeccable color juxtaposition and technique. 

You still have a chance to see this exciting international art show and our wonderful exhibition booth 207 as the show continues through Monday, March 21 (11am-6pm).