M. Moflar at his studio

Martin Moflar's colorful and energetic abstract art is unique not just to his native
Slovakia or the geographic region; It has universal appeal. With his large format oil
canvases, he could be seen as occupying a similar creative space to that of Mark
Rothko, Barnet Newman and Elsworth Kelly, while possessing and expressing his
own very distinct flavor.

The artist approaches his abstract painting with honest enthusiasm and optimism,
reflecting his vision through large format oil works on canvas. He perceives his art as following a long-term analytical process and the goal of his artistic program is to develop new previously undiscovered abstract compositions.

His approach and vision and therefore the character of his paintings evolved over
time, leading to the production of several formally distinct groups of works.
In some of his first works Moflar based his abstractions on fragmented figures,
bones, and various elementary forms reflecting the organic world.

In a later phase he set about exploring geometric solutions in creating his paintings. He would divide the canvas into a subtle system of surface planes expressing both peaceful expansion as well as restriction/limitation. In the following cycle his colorful surfaces appear with subtle tears that seem to reveal the creator?s brush stroke.

In his next set of works the surface appears to open a narrow space through a
simple linear form or an arch or a bracket, serving as a transition to Moflar's current oeuvre.

His current works could be described as colored monochrome dominated by rich
reds that divide artfully arranged lines or linear arabesques. These elements appear randomly arranged in the visual space facing the viewer, yet they are carefully designed and graphically constructed without distinctive brushstroke, as if handwritten in ink.

The geometric lines of vertical junctions of multi-panel works form an intricate part of each work's composition, as if opening another layer of space "behind the picture".  The theme of all his works is the adventure of perception, a visual metaphor of psychological depth or place and meant to evoke the silence and space of transcendence that remains hidden and is revealed as a kind of unreflected gap
ignored by the mind.

Precisely because of these attributes the observation of Moflár's art gives rise to the projection of one's own emotions and reflects the viewer?s unconscious thought and experience.