Anna Devís & Daniel Rueda


Select solo exhibitions                                                  

2019/    Smile…Play.Fully, THINK+Feel Contemporary | Miami/USA

2018/     Story Boards/ Lions Festival of Creativity|Cannes/ France

“Fun-damental”/Fotomatón Festival| Alicante/ Spain

Select group exhibitions

2019/ Women: Heaven, Earth and Fantasy, Think + Feel Contemporary | Miami/ US

2018/ Más habitar, más humanizar, BEAU | Santander/ Spain

Moments in Architecture, FCDI New Dehli | Delhi/ India

2017/ Tiny People, Artless Appointment Gallery | Tokyo/ Japan

“The Body and the City”, Art4more | Athens/ Greece   

Happytecture, 2018

Happytecture, 2018


Hasselblad Heroine, Anna Devis



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