Belorussian artist Anna Silivonchik, widely recognized and prized for her stark individual style, is a leading force among the young generation of Eastern European painters.

Those who have been lucky enough to experience her works in person often draw aesthetic parallels with Chagall’s oeuvre.   No wonder, as Mark Chagall’s whimsical realism, along with the naïve art of the 20th century primitivists, national folklore and decorative art, are the main sources of Anna’s aesthetic inspiration. 

In her works, however, Anna has created her own distinct world of fairy tales, the coming-to-life of childhood fantasies and dreams that appeal to children and adults alike.

At the same time, this world is a reflection of the eternal laws of nature (transition of the day into night, change of seasons, life and death) as well as difficulties of human relationships, home, the family, the search for the meaning of life, and a conceptualization of the principles of the world’s creation.  

The unique and multi-faceted combination of images and thoughts Anna offers to her viewer -almost always with a slight dash of humor- generates a strong emotional charge and through surprising metaphors produces unexpected associations.

Whether searching for subjects and solutions to artistic problems or exploring depths of human psychology in her creative process Anna taps into the archetypes found in fairy tales, myths and her native culture while maintaining purposeful ties to the 20th century art.  As a result, her art is imbued with positive energy - it exudes joy, love and harmony.

Working in the traditional techniques of oil painting, Anna strives for variety, experimenting with many materials, including textured and patterned canvasses.  Her very delicate feel for color, forethought of line, and intimate details help express convey distinct mood.

Her work offers a peek into the innermost depth of the human psyche, a look at what rules our minds and our hearts.  It is an archetypal X-ray, a glance at the secret life within: the values, people and feelings we hold dear and guard from the outside world.

Anna was born in 1980 in Gomel and studied art (painting) at the Belarusian State Academy of Art.  She currently lives and works in Minsk, Republic of Belarus.

Anna Silivonchik

Anna Silivonchik